Overnight Oatmeal 🌾Casserole

This is such an easy and delicious way to start the day! And it makes enough for the whole family for multiple days!

Mix 5 cups oats, 4 1/2 cups almond milk (or milk of your choice), 2 tsp vanilla, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 2 tbsp honey together in a 9×13 baking dish and refrigerate for AT LEAST 1 hour to settle.

Then, top with 2 cups Greek Yogurt (I mix strawberry and blueberry Greek Yogurt together)

Top with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of sugar if it’s not sweet enough (I only had frozen strawberries, so I put them in a bowl with a little sugar and we scoop that on right before we eat it so it doesn’t get too soggy)

Make sure to cover with a lid or plastic wrap and refrigerate them overnight before eating them so they’re not too soggy 😁

Stay Heathy,


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