Frothy Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee in the morning?!  What you may not know, is that coffee (by itself) is actually GOOD FOR YOU!  The problem is, the naturally bitter taste causes most people to put unhealthy additives into it, which causes it to be UNHEALTHY.

This is a DELICIOUS and HEALTHY alternative to coffee with cream and sugar!

THE TRICK IS IN THE BLENDER…that’s right, I said blender!! If you want that coffee shop froth on top, you have to use it. I choose to use my NutriBullet to save on dishes; I drink it out of the same cup I mix in!

All I do is combine:

1 cup of brewed coffee

1tbsp coconut oil (gives natural energy, good flavor, and adds to the froth)

Almond milk (as much as you prefer)

Optional sweetener: Honey (natural sweetener)  I use 1tsp, but this amount can be adjusted depending on how sweet you like it.


Stay healthy!


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