Ditch those store-bought granola bars!

imageDitch those store-bought granola bars! Banana Oat Energy Bites have won over our entire family and are actually GOOD for you… Unlike any granola bar you find in the store. These were so easy to make and taste SO good!

I used organic peanut butter in place of almond butter because it’s what was in our cabinet and we didn’t have chocolate chips, so I crushed up a chocolate bar from our Valentine’s Day stash. Resourceful, right?!

Anyway! These literally take a minute to gather the ingredients and mix up, maybe 2 minutes (MAXIMUM) to form into balls, then vuala; yummy goodness that the whole family can enjoy!

There are so many variations of DIY granola bars that meet all families’ taste buds…. And ALL homemade options are better than ones in a wrapper!

A nice rule of thumb I go by when choosing what to eat… AND FEED MY CHILDREN… Is that if it’s in a wrapper, don’t eat it!

Obviously, no one is perfect and there may be times that the “wrapped” foods are all we can get, but having the goal of avoiding them is the first step toward a better state of health.

Next time, I will be tripling the batch (they’re almost all gone in only 2 days because everyone divoured them!) and freezing at least half of them to save on time.


Stay healthy,


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