Chunky Monkey NICEcream!!!

NICEcream and chocolate chips are my guilt-free version of Chunky Monkey!!!
•If you haven’t tried nicecream yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!!! I made this batch with frozen bananas and half almond milk and half coconut milk. I make the basic batter, then top it with whatever I feel like for the day. My next batch will have cocoa powder, pb fit powder and chocolate chips in it because I LOVE anything with a peanut butter and chocolate combination! 👌🏼
•A basic nicecream recipe:
2-4 ripe bananas, frozen and chopped or halved
1 cup almond milk (more or less depending on the blender you have)
If using a regular blender, add chopped pieces of banana plus almond milk. Pulse on high until bananas are a creamy consistency, adding more almond milk and shaking or stirring the contents until well blended.
If using a high-speed blender, add halved frozen bananas and add ¼ cup almond milk or less, just to get it moving. Start off on low setting, and gradually increase speed using tamper when necessary to keep moving bananas until they are well blended.

Some other recipes can be found at:


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