“Chunky Monkey” Pops and Nice Cream!!!

Tonight’s dessert was a combination of delicious frozen treats that are actually good for you! They’re great for snacking, too, and will satisfy that sweet/salty craving without leaving you feeling guilty!!!
For the Pops, I sliced bananas and put toothpicks in them to make them single-serving treats. Next time, I plan to something else because the toothpicks are sharp, but it still works!

Freeze them for at least 1 hour, then dip in melted chocolate, followed by crushed peanuts.  Return to parchment paper and enjoy! Freeze anything you don’t eat immediately and enjoy them when you want!  Everyone LOVED them!

The nice cream was so easy, and tasted SO GOOD!  I sliced 4 bananas and laid the slices flat on a plate to freeze with the Pop ones.  When they were frozen, I added them to the blender with a splash of vanilla almond milk and peanut butter. If the bananas aren’t blending well, they may need to sit out for a few minutes to thaw a little.  Carefully push them down toward the blade with a spoon to make them smoothly blended to an ice cream consistently. When that was done, I added a little broken chocolate and hand-mixed it in. 

I store it in a small Pyrex container and we enjoy it as we wish.  DELICIOUS!!!!

These recipes are inspired by @cleanfoodcrush. If you have not seen her IG posts, you’re missing out on so many amazing and healthy food ideas!

Stay Healthy,


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