Endometriosis-Approved Breakfast Smoothie 👌🏼

*or for anyone who wants a healthy breakfast!

🔹almond milk

🔹1 banana

🔹mango chunks

🔹pineapple chunks


🔹chia seeds

🔹1 whole 🥑

🔹1 apple

It’s crazy because all of these years, I have felt as if certain foods affected me differently and even some “healthy” foods gave me reactions that I just did not understand.

As I have been given this diagnosis of Endometriosis, it all makes sense! As I look into the dietary plan that is best for people that suffer with Endo, I find the exact foods that I reacted to negatively to be on the list of ones to avoid. They are healthy foods to most people, but effect me differently.

Now my goal is to learn a new lifestyle that improves my ability to not be in pain each day and to make the best of this damn disease. I will NOT let this be a set back or road block, but only a new way of looking at things. But, I will still be the best “me” that I can be and will not let this diagnosis define me. 💪🏼 #endowarrier #foodsicaneat #thisdoesnotdefineme #endometriosis #endometriosisawareness

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