What’s in YOUR deodorant?!

So, it sounds crazy, but have you ever thought about how bad “typical” deodorant is? Did you even know it is bad for you?

It’s pretty scary once you start to look into it. To the point that I thought my only option was to smell funny or clog my armpit pores with chemicals (YUCK!)

One of my favorite bloggers at tonyamichelle26.com recently shared a safe alternative to deodorant and I knew with her recommendation, it was worth a try!

To my surprise, it smells SOOOOO GOOD and ACTUALLY WORKS! I even bought the teen version for Ryan, my 8-year-old because, well, he’s a very active boy…. and smells like one… 😆

NATIVE makes more than amazing deodorant. They have so many products that I can’t wait to try! Please let me know if you try them and what you think!

Stay Healthy (and smelling good😊),


You can find the deodorant and other products that Native carries here:


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