Quick & Easy Garlic Parmesan Cod… that’s DELICIOUS!

So, weeknight dinners are rough, let’s be honest. I try my best to get home and make a home cooked meal each day, but struggle to find things my kids like and that are quick, easy, and are good for you.

Tonight’s dinner isn’t my best work, I’ll admit that, but only because of the sides that I had to make.

This fish proved to be one of our new favorites! Especially since it was so easy and fast to make!

As Ryan just exclaimed, “Mmmmmm!!! This is REALLY REALLY good”! That’s a WIN in mom’s opinion! 👌🏻

Lemon Parmesan Cod with Garlic Butter gets an A+ in our household!

This recipe would be great with Tilapia, too!!!

I paired tonight’s dinner with Parmesan Farfalle noodles and mixed veggies, but I wish I had rice or quinoa and broiled broccoli. We are all out of it (tomorrow is a Walmart Grocery Pickup day!) so I had to improvise!

I hope you enjoy this if you make it! Please feel free to share your thoughts!

Stay Healthy,



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