Homemade Cinnamon 🥯Bagels

These are SO MUCH BETTER… and HEALTHIER than store-bought bagels! 🥯

I’m always looking for healthy, easy, and delicious recipes that I can make for my kids’ breakfast for the week.

I’m not able to be there in the morning ::insert tears 😭 :: to prepare a good breakfast for them before school , so things like this are ideal as they can still eat well and my husband doesn’t have to spend much time getting it for them.

After making them, I slice them in half after they cool, then store them in a container in the fridge. When they’re ready to be eaten, they can be popped into the toaster and then eaten with whatever topping they choose 👌

Usually, I put raisins in, but we were out of them, so I omitted them from this recipe. The recipe I love is found here at Lemon and Zest.

**for a healthier alternative, substitute the sugar with honey and add to the “wet” ingredients**

Let me know your thoughts if you try this! I have also used this recipe and omitted the cinnamon and raisins to give us plain bagels that are equally delicious.

Stay Healthy,


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