LOKASS Lunch Bag/Cooler Bag

LOKASS Lunch Bag/Cooler Bag

When I pack my lunch/snacks for the day, I struggle to find a lunch box/bag that fits all of my food! Eating healthy and homemade items makes it harder to “pack light” because I eat A LOT all day long. Don’t judge the containers 🤣, but here is an example of my lunch and snacks that I take to work each day:

🔹Ginger Peach Smoothie

🔹celery and peanut butter


🔹homemade fruit roll up


🔹avocado seasoned with a little sea salt and pepper

🔹gala apple

🔹trail mix

Taking all of this in a plastic grocery bag has been my best option 🤦🏻‍♀️… until I found this lunch bag!

It’s so pretty, fully insulated, waterproof, and the perfect size!!! I ordered mine here from @amazon, so I was able to read full description and reviews and received it within 2 days thanks to @amazonprime. It’s a win-win!

There are many other designers, but I chose this because it was one of the least-expensive choices and, to be honest, I didn’t care what it “looked like”. With that, I’m so glad I chose this one because the pattern is even more beautiful in person.

Being able to take all of my food with me each day give me the ability to eat healthy, stay full, and feel better because when I eat good, I feel good, and when I eat badly, I feel BAD.

Stay Healthy,


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